Composer - Musician


Composer, pianist and clarinettist, Rémy Charlet graduated from the Lille Conservatory and holds a French state diploma in amplified contemporary music. He shares his time between accompanying artists, the group The Headshakers, and musical production. He regularly appears in various French television programs, alone or with a band.

To perfect his composition and arrangement skills, Rémy is attending Berklee University to obtain his Music for Film and TV Certificate. He has already taken classes on orchestration and film scoring with professors such as Ben Newhouse and Vicente Avella.

His musical openness to all styles and his constant curiosity, make Rémy a source of reliable, high quality sound that can quickly adapt to the clients’ needs while pushing boundaries beyond any particular genre or trend.

In 2019, Remy co-founded the production company "18ème Prod" which, in 2021, opened its own recording studio, "Cardinal studio", in the heart of Paris.